Hark to the Hope of the Dawn!

We empower young people across the country to have a say and be heard

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State Youth Assembly

Hark to the hope of the dawn!

State Youth Assembly (SYA) is a not-for-profit organization; and it bears no distinction of race, gender, nationality or religious faith. SYA’s primary purpose is to aware youth of the country about their rights and duties so that they are brought to the main stream of the society.

For achieving this aim the State Youth Assembly is promoting a system of individual liberty and social justice, within the framework of democratic institution—that is based on respect for the essential rights of people.


A life of freedom and dignity to everyone, free of violence and human rights abuses, a society that values and supports its young people in becoming fully engaged in the civic and cultural life of diverse practices are our vision.


The State Youth Assembly’s mission is to provide opportunities for youth to participate in a broad range of educational and social activities designed to inspire and empower youth to discover their strengths and realize their full potential


We engage in many diverse activities in order to sustain our communities. Our youth activities are tailored to promote our values and help building a progressive nation.

Activities that develop as part of the State Youth Assembly will take place under five main areas:

           1.    Advocacy and cultivation of democratic values

          2.    The non-violent promotion of democracy

          3.    Networking to promote the realization of human rights

          4.    Capacity-building for conflict resolution

          5.    Promote collaboration and networking to exchange ideas

By joining together we support each other and engage ourselves in positive pursuits.